Pilot Klimaatdakje 130Watt

Klimaatdakje provides inhabitants of Rotterdam with the opportunity to explore several sustainable options for their roofs in a user-friendly application. To find out how users are experiencing Klimaatdakje, we organised a pilot. In collaboration with the municipality of Rotterdam the inhabitants of the housing block ‘130Watt’ were invited to participate. A small group of progressive inhabitants was wondering:

What is possible to make our roofs more sustainable?
And what are the costs and possible profits?

The roofs of 130Watt are analysed. This analysis includes the detection of realised solar roofs and green roofs. The most interesting is naturally the estimation of the costs and profits of the future sustainable roofs.

Fun fact: if all roof areas that were found suitable for a green roof were to indeed install a green roof, the inhabitants of 130Watt would collect over 400 litres of water together. This is equal to 420 rain barrels.

Example roof analysis in 130Watt

During a demo- and feedback-session the participants thought Klimaatdakje was a nice application. The overview of the costs and profits can save a lot of time and effort. The application is a useful tool for enthusing other inhabitants.

There is of course room for improvement. We are working hard on an improved version, with even more information. Curious? Take a look at www.klimaatdakje.nl. Do you have questions or ideas? Or do you want insight about roofs in your municipality with Klimaatdakje? Send an email to t.degraaf@sobolt.com.

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