See more with Sentinel-2!

From forestry to infrastructure, accessible EO data has enabled better insights by approaching these domains from fresh perspectives. As EO data becomes a larger part of our everyday lives, our need for better and better data grows.

At Sobolt, we have first-hand experience with this. Our solutions often depend on remote sensing data. Sentinel-2 and aerial photography are integral to our experts. What if your data could reveal just a bit more? Can we perform more accurate nature monitoring? Do you want to enhance object detection or empower smart digital farming?

Our newest solution allows us to see more with Sentinel-2. All-in-one, in1 brings deep learning to you to reveal what was previously hidden in earth observation data. With artificial data enhancement algorithms your Sentinel-2 data become super resolved. How would you benefit from improved EO data? Just a handful of front row seats for our free trial are left on! Hold tight, big moves happening soon 😉

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