Solar panels in Rotterdam: a doubling in two years time

For the municipality of Rotterdam, we were commissioned to conduct research into the increase in the number of solar panels in the municipality. Many of the installed solar panels are not registered, which makes it difficult for policymakers to gain insight into the development. Fortunately, this is an outstanding issue for our SolarSearch solution. Using deep-learning algorithms, we are able to automatically detect more than 99% of solar installations on aerial photographs.

And, the result is one to be proud of! Since 2018, the number of solar panels in the municipality has increased from around 100,000 to over 200,000 - a doubling! Alderman Sustainability, Arno Bonte: "The solar projects shoot like mushrooms out of the ground, on school roofs, sports canteens and business parks. At this rate, Rotterdam is fast becoming the solar capital of the Netherlands". His goal is to realize more than one million solar panels within 5 years. This is a fine elaboration of the Rotterdam Climate Agreement, in which it was agreed in 2019 to make Rotterdam a climate-neutral municipality within 10 years.

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