AI for positive impact? Absolutely!

Achieving sustainable impact means ensuring that the impact is positive and can be sustained. Positive impact is the core value of Sobolt. This enables us to innovate and create effective artificial intelligence solutions. Leveraging AI is a necessity to maintain momentum and edge in many fast-growing industries. Today the entire Sobolt team explored how we could assess positive impact in our current solutions.

Our approach? To evaluate positive impact by quantifying carbon emissions, economic insights, material resources and social impact of our AI technologies. Mapping these insights enables us to make fundamental decisions. Whether an algorithm is a future proof technical solution based on these principles and if it can be deployed for other applications.

A common solution to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions is the use of renewable energy, but there are many other ways to contribute. For example, achieving efficiency in operational speed, which reduces costs and a decrease in energy consumption. Or regular maintenance, consuming less material resources is another approach to possible CO2 reduction. Altogether, with the utilization of AI these developments could have a significant impact on your organization’s footprint.

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