AI Webinar: manage your assets

Last week we had the honour to present at the Innovation Quarter Artificial Intelligence Webinars. Applying artificial intelligence (AI) in real-life business isn’t that easy. Jacqueline Schardijn (Innovation Quarter), Jules Oudmans (UReason) and Otto Fabius (Sobolt) explained how AI can be valuable for asset- & process management. Are you an asset manager and missed the webinar? Lucky you. It was recorded, so you can still check the webinar.

Key insights

In short, AI can help your company to: 

  1. Decrease maintenance costs
  2. Increase the availability
  3. Remove routine: more time for ‘core work’
  4. Support experts judging big data

Scaling up?

Most AI solutions start at an R&D or innovation department. There are some things to consider in order to grow these solutions to an advanced version that adds value in daily business. Enable your employees to easily integrate, share, and replace data and AI models. Be prepared for scaling. There is a lot of software on the market that can help you with that. We are ready to take AI-models in production! Are you?

Food for thought

Explore what AI can mean for your assets, processes, and employees:

  • Does your company have large amounts of, high quality data ánd the knowledge to work with it?
  • Which routinely processes at your company can be taken away with AI, to make room for the (less boring) core activities?
  • How can AI help your expert employees in judging large amounts of data? Which information is most relevant for them?

Would you like a sparring partner to answer the questions above? Let’s get in touch with Otto via


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