Understanding droughts with Natura.ai

Usually known for lush green polders, the Netherlands is currently experiencing an increase in drought frequency and severity. The impact is strongest for the provinces of Brabant and Limburg, but is not limited to these areas. With summer around the corner, this is no doubt a ‘hot topic’.

Natura.ai - developed in collaboration with Dutch province of Overijssel - understands these droughts, by combining deep learning technology with ESA’s Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite data. We facilitate the mapping and monitoring of nature reserves through our fast and precise technology. This helps us to better understand the influence of climate on these ecosystems. 

The animation below displays the soil moisture index in the Sallandse Heuvelrug national park on the hottest days of the past four years. Data for June this year is included and the data already shows a decrease in soil moisture compared to the previous years. Tracking and quantifying these changes to vegetation brings us closer to a possible solution for improved nature reserve protection. Natura.ai is determined to be a key player in facilitating this process. 

Are you interested in Natura.ai’s analyses? You can reach out to Otto at o.fabius@sobolt.com.


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