Sobolt joins the NL AI Coalition

In order not to fall behind in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), various partnerships have been set up which will try to accelerate AI-innovation in the Netherlands. The attitude cannot be wait-and-see, the Netherlands can only strengthen its prosperity and well-being by being a significant player in research and application of AI in various sectors. The Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) is one of these partnerships and distinguishes itself with a concrete action agenda that is in line with the action plan of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (SAPAI). More specifically, NL AIC focuses on concrete action and sustainable public-private partnerships as a backbone for future success. Sobolt shares this ambition and is therefore happy to join the initiative.

Of course we don't join and then sit still. After all, it is ultimately up to the coalition partners to 'do the work'. In concrete terms, there are three opportunities in the near-future.

1. From AI customization to operational systems

Originally, Sobolt has been quite close to research in AI technology. With a lot of substantive AI knowledge and countless complex custom models for different applications, it has a wealth of AI knowledge. In recent years, however, it has proved challenging for AI in a more general sense to translate its promise into concrete and direct added value or savings. Sobolt has therefore been investing for some time in the development of further integration of AI technology in modern applications. The next step is towards complete operational AI-systems. Extremely high-end and robust AI is required to take into account all scenarios and fail cases. The technological and social challenges are great, but we still look forward to this development with great confidence. As a company, Sobolt is growing from a developer of AI models and data solutions, to a provider of AI systems, with complex custom AI components.

2. Investing together in AI for energy & sustainability

To make a concrete contribution to sustainability objectives and at the same time maintain a leading position in the AI ​​domain, ongoing investments are required. With the growing, sustainable impact of the developed AI systems and applications, we consider these investments to be justified. Yet we cannot do it alone. Domain knowledge, resources and pilots are needed to arrive at valuable AI systems. We hereby invite coalition partners and other interested parties to discuss the possibilities together. In addition to the input of AI knowledge, we are open to joint investment. Get in touch if you want to explore the opportunities.

Structuur van de NL AI Coalitie (bron: NL AIC)

3. Rotterdam center for innovation and research

The main instrument that we have in the Netherlands for binding AI talent and further developing high-quality AI research is a decentralized research and innovation network. ICAI (Innovation Centers for Artificial Intelligence) has laid the framework and, with these centers, offers the most important instrument for organizing innovation and research in AI in the Netherlands. Under the radar, Sobolt has been setting up a similar initiative for some time. We can't say anything about it yet, but the goal is to seriously put AI in energy & sustainability on the map.


Coalition partner or just interested in what's happening at Sobolt? Let's start a conversation.

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