Nordics here we come, Y/N?

This week, our colleague Jessica and I attended the Nordics Business Day here in Rotterdam. An exciting event showcasing interesting insights into doing business in the Nordics. Similar to the Netherlands, ‘up North’ experiences; growing cities, housing shortages, mobility issues, aging population and climate (adaptation) challenges. Hence, more than enough reason for interesting discussions around the central themes - Smart Sustainable Buildings, Smart Mobility and Life Sciences and Health.

So, is the Nordics a promising region to expand our activities? Here is what we learned:

We’ve got to consider our cultural differences. Apparently the Dutch can be considered as assertive, slightly arrogant at times and people who ‘embrace the grey space’. Luckily, the Nordics also have their own characteristics - differing per country of course. In any case, it’s advised to do a cultural reflection after the first few weeks to avoid unintended conflicts 😉  Based on the presentations, there are some clear pros and cons about doing business in the Nordics:


Pros  Cons 
Agreement is key Startup rate is low 
Tech-driven  Tax
Sustainable & tech initiatives  Bureaucratic
Trustworthy and loyal  Don’t work after hours ; )


What do you think, is it time for us to put on our coats and join Greta on a boat to Sweden? Let’s get in touch!


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