Solar parkings ahead in the Province of Noord-Holland

Solar parkings ahead in the Province of Noord-Holland

A successful ending to the Startup in Residence program of the province of Noord-Holland! After an effective pilot in the municipality of Hoorn, we have our shared goal set for 2020: More solar canopies in Noord-Holland. In the new year, we map out the potential for solar carports for the entire province. With our insights, we want to lower the threshold for installing these systems and ensure a positive transition.

Parkeer de Zon - Powered by Provincie Noord-Holland en Sobolt (video in Dutch)

Edward Stigter, deputy Climate and Energy, describes the essence of Park the Sun: “If solar panels are installed on all suitable roofs in the Netherlands, 50% of the total electricity requirement for the Netherlands is provided for. It is clear that other solutions need to be added in Noord-Holland and that we should use our space wisely. Car parks are very suitable for this. The cars can park under the solar system and are protected against weather conditions. If you install charging stations, electric vehicles can also be charged with the sustainably generated power from the roof. Thinking in this direction is still relatively new and unknown. Sobolt offers the ultimate solution and makes everything digitally transparent.”

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