CEMS Students win Award for Natura.ai consultancy assignment

CEMS Students win Award for Natura.ai consultancy assignment

Last Friday, 35 Erasmus University students following the CEMS Master International Management battled at the European Space Agency in Noordwijk, to provide strategic advice for entrepreneurs participating in ESA BIC Noordwijk, including Sobolt.

For over a week, a group of five students explored the most suitable countries for Sobolt’s nature monitoring solution Natura.ai to start an international roll out, after successful implementation in The Netherlands. They also provided advice on a market entry strategy.

The students concluded that Sobolt’s best opportunity is to go to Sweden! According to their research, Sweden has the most friendly market environment to welcome innovative projects and direct beneficial value to AI solutions compared to other European countries. We are excited by their findings and will use these to determine the next steps for internationalising Natura.ai.

With their market entry proposal for Sobolt’s Natura.ai they won the ‘Best Presentation Award’!

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Sobolt’s AI Scientists Otto (left) and Danny (right) with CEMS students Krisztina, Julie, Kyle, Josef, and Thom.

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