Heat Stress, Air Pollution and Deep Learning

Fighting Air Pollution with Deep Learning

Heatstress and Air pollution are urgent problem that cities face. A recent study by the European Heart Journal found extra deaths related to air pollution to be 8.8 million, with 800.000 excess deaths in Europe alone. Cities want to combat air pollution, however limited data is available regarding the levels of pollution.

With the support of ESA's Copernicus incubation program, Sobolt will use satellite measurements to deliver the first large scale air monitoring service. We will benchmark over 1,000 cities worldwide to provide them with the data they need to make policy that saves lives.

OMI and TROPOMI are satellite instruments used to measure multiple characteristics of air pollution. OMI has been operational since 2004, whereas TROPOMI was launched in 2017. Using deep learning techniques we will improve the resolution of OMI data to match the characteristics of TROPOMI data. A jump of 6 times the spatial resolution, with data available from 2004 onwards. As a result, we will deliver air quality data suitable for city scale analyses.

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