Sobolt Wins the Enpuls Challenge!

Sobolt Wins the Enpuls Challenge!


With support from Enpuls, Sobolt is developing the innovative Heatpuls solution. Heatpuls offers smart insulation advice that results in lower energy bills and more comfortable living. Artificial Intelligence techniques are put into practice alongside expertise in thermography, energy and insulation. In the coming period, we are looking for innovative corporations and progressive municipalities to test this solution in the real world. The launch of HeatPuls version 1.0 is on the agenda for the end of 2019.


With the Enpuls program, Sobolt will provide fast, affordable and large-scale insulation advice to corporations and municipalities.


Sobolt, together with the consultancy firm Nieman, has already made the first technical realization. The algorithm can now automatically recognize heat leaks in buildings as well as a human. But there are still a few questions we need help answering: Who will use this tool the most and how? Would incorporating insulation advice directly into the tool be a useful feature? Will Heatpuls appeal large corporations and municipalities? We would love your feedback!


Danny Hetharia and Jeroen van Zwieten of Sobolt (left) accept the award alongside Paul Vosbeek and Wouter Biemans of QuinteQ

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