100 times faster after Paris Space Week

100 times faster after Paris Space Week


PSW gathers the world’s space tech ecosystem under one roof for 2 days. Under the wings of an old Concorde, we had thrilling business meetings. Under the hull, we gave our pitch. In the shades cast by Ariane rockets, we looked for potential partnerships.


Invited by ESA BIC Nord France, we had the great opportunity to be part of the Paris Space Week. An exciting concept, which combines a traditional exhibition, with short but meaningful business meetings. Within these meetings meetings, we set out to find new partnerships to improve and scale our solutions further.


With SSF we plan to take AI in EO to the next level. Taking on the Finnish market together is an exciting idea, which we will be exploring in the near future. Inspired by Space Commerce Matters, we will be looking to find corporate sponsors for our climate-related solutions. Together with SkyWin, the Walloon space cluster, we will look at the future of artificial intelligence in Earth observation in the BeNeLux.


In addition to these meetings, Danny gave a talk on the central stage on Tuesday. Taking people on a short tour through generative AI and how this new perspective offers exciting new possibilities for EO, with the potential of making some crucial processes, like atmospheric correction, up to 100 times (!) faster.


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