Are you ready for your next challenge?

Are you ready for your next challenge?


“Here I will only get to do what I did at Sobolt in 5-7 years”, - says one of the former colleagues at Sobolt, who is now working in a big consultancy firm. And that is a special thing about Sobolt - you get to do...  well, everything.

You can tailor your own position, you can find your own way of doing things. Yesterday, you were writing a winning proposal for the European funding, today you are flying to the conference in Helsinki and negotiating with C-level executives, tomorrow you are delivering the project and presenting in front of a small Dutch municipality.

But you know what is the best part of it? You do it among exceptional people. They are not only smart but, most importantly, are really here for the purpose. They care. About what will happen to the planet, about sustainable development being too slow. They create. Solutions and momentums to solve these sustainable challenges and really deliver value.

From you, we really ask only three things: intelligence, passion, and initiative. The rest we will help you gain along the way. Drop us a message, come for a coffee, we are waiting for YOU! 


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