Introducing Rien Bongers, chairman of Sobolt’s new Advisory Board 

Introducing Rien Bongers, chairman of Sobolt’s new Advisory Board 

Sobolt’s Advisory Board will shortly have its kick-off. The members support Sobolt to fulfil its mission, and provide solicited and unsolicited advice. The chairman of the Board is Rien Bongers, director of Het Portaal and specialized in stakeholder management.

Why did you accept the position as chairman of Sobolt’s brand new Advisory Board? What attracted you to Sobolt’s activities?

 “Sobolt is a start-up with a lot of potential to grow. The company has a great social relevance and an effective response to climate change issues, with a team of dedicated specialists led by a mission-driven entrepreneur. Accepting the position of chairman was an easy decision to make. I am happy that I can contribute to shaping the energy transition. I have worked in the energy sector for a while, but the challenges we are facing now require everyone's commitment.”


Who are the other members of the Advisory Board and why were they selected?

"We have asked all members based on their knowledge and skills, as well as their vision on society. The Board consists of a diverse group of dedicated experts from all over Sobolt’s stakeholder matrix. Each and every one of them brings relevant knowledge that is important for Sobolt in its current phase, ranging from energy applications and entrepreneurship to finances and politics. I myself not only act as chairman of the board but I am also a member, and besides a diverse network I also bring my view of the communication field to the table."


What are some of the challenges Sobolt is facing?

“Adaptation to climate change requires vision and determination. The dialogue about solving global warming already has many participants, and it is not always conducted with the intelligence it requires. For a start-up like Sobolt it is therefore a big challenge to get on the radar of the right people and organizations who are willing to look ahead, and see the long-term business benefits of the energy transition.”


Which position can and should Sobolt fulfill in the transition to a more sustainable world?

"Sobolt has a unique proposition. Using Artifical Intelligence, it for example translates satellite images into algorithms to determine which roofs are suitable for solar panels. Due to its data-driven products, Sobolt can become the facilitator in the exploitation of global geospatial intelligencein an effective and thus cost-efficient way. What's also unique is that Sobolt's services are supply-driven. Often potential customers do not even realize what can be done with their data. Sobolt has the potential to become a key player that is impossible to ignore."


How will you carry out your position as chairman?

"Most importantly, by being the linking pin and ensuring that solicited and unsolicited advice from the Board reaches Jeroen van Zwieten, the director, at the right time. In addition, I will combine that with the deployment of my network and knowledge. I believe in Sobolt’s mission, so I will provide my support wherever I can."


What do people need to know about Sobolt?

"That a collaboration will pay off. In other words, that Sobolt’s services generate money as a result of saving and generating energy. By becoming energy neutral, stakeholders are thus able to contribute to their social responsibility. In addition, it is fun to work with the people of Sobolt. They are young and driven, they inspire and push boundaries. On one hand by thinking along with the customer, but on the other by applying their own methodologies. The people at Sobolt can do things for you that you yourself have never even thought of. "



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