Sobolt Leads a New Era in Remote Monitoring!

Sobolt Ushers in a New Era in Remote Monitoring

How many containers passed in your harbour this year? Is the infrastructure development going according to plan? In today’s world, we cannot afford the luxury of waiting for manual inspections to give answers to these questions. We need something fast, precise and reliable. This is what we deliver today!

Sobolt has launched a new service which will cause quite a stir in the field of remote monitoring. Change Catcher leverages artificial intelligence and large amounts of satellite data to provide a model which can identify changes in the environment.

The novelty of the service lies in its ability for interested parties to select changes that are relevant for their specific needs. These might be changes in ecosystems, agricultural land use, infrastructure development, or urban landscapes. When these changes are selected, Change Catcher infers the features of these changes, searches a vast database of satellite images, and presents a georeferenced set of instances that match the user’s criteria.


Change Catcher holds promise for municipalities who need to oversee the development of the city, for commercial parties who want to closely track progress of their projects. The service is also  attractive for law enforcement, as it could assist in combating environmental crime, including deforestation and illegal dumping.


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