SolarSearch: Top Opportunity in Switzerland?

SolarSearch: Opportunies in Switzerland?

Over the last week of July, Christine Montuori traveled throughout Switzerland to find Sobolt’s next business opportunity in the Swiss market.

Ranked by RobecoSAM’s as the third most sustainable country, Switzerland caught Sobolt’s eye for market research and new opportunities.

Meeting with energy and environment department leaders from the Canton of Zurich, City of Basel and associations such as Swissolar and Sustainable Swiss Finance, highlighted Sobot’s best opportunities within the Swiss market. Similarly, meetings with Swiss research institutions, such as EMPA and SUPSI gave Sobolt an understanding of which of our expertise are needed in the development of more sustainable cities. Currently, these research institutions are working on projects related to UHI and energy efficient buildings, however the methodologies used differ from those of Sobolt. Sobolt can bring a new outlook thanks to our innovative combination of remote sensing and machine learning algorithms.

Solar energy being one of Sobolt’s expertise, it is no surprise that SolarSearch turned out to be our top opportunity. As of now, a large problem for Swiss administration, when it comes to transitioning to renewable energy, lies in the lack of data leveraging.

Following our SolarSearch implementation in Switzerland, we aim to take part in numerous projects in Switzerland to aid with sustainable development. If you have any ideas, do not hesitate to contact me via Like to have a meeting in person? I'm in Switzerland again from August 13 to August 17.



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