1st Delivery Day!

1st Delivery Day!


About the Day
On the 2nd and 3rd of November Sobolt had its first official Delivery Day. Two teams were working around the clock, until they smelled like hell and had a great presentation for the expert/client jury. Sprookjesbos was our first Delivery Day client.

Getting started
Sprookjesbos is one of the oldest themeparks in Europe. This interesting client had the following questions: where, how, which and when do we place solar panels in order to become the first energy-neutral theme park in the Netherlands? Which roofs are suitable? Involve suppliers, price mechanisms and make a plan. We prefer a complete advice. This advice is at least a plan. The numbers, prices and materials can however change through time. Perhaps you’ll have time to make a model, interface or even a game we can use? Think about the visitors (parents) in Sprookjesbos and their future. How can we inspire them by cool installation to be involved in renewable options?

In 24 hours the teams came up with for instance:
-Complete 3d model of the park for Solar potential
-Isolation analysis for all buildings
-Advisory presentation with 20 creative ideas to involve visitors
-Beta version of interactive Energy-game: play 10 levels

As a tech company Sobolt has the luxury of having an agile team. Do you have a question worth answering? Or do you want to go straight for a prototype app, or web-application?

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