AI Cloud

Sustainable AI cloud.

Bringing together data & software with Sobolt cloud power. Use our cloud experience and ready-to-go pipelines. Save energy and money. Get the most out of data.

Building blocks for great solutions

AI software by Sobolt is based on many years of experience and a sustainable mission. We containerised our best building blocks and offer the highest cutting edge standards with our cloud partners.

  • Easy access to Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Constant new releases of AI building blocks
  • Always support available

Your data scientists and experts can work faster and more focused. Based on the trustworthy cloud software, great applications are within reach. Which sustainable AI based solution are you working on?

Unleashed components

Cloud Resources

Modernize data infrastructure efficiently with complete control

Model Training

Train AI models easily and discover how to improve quickly

Model Hosting

Most secure way to host and provide models

Integrated Pipelines

Automate the running of applications securely & without unnecessary coding

Application Framework

Efficiently set the settings for applications & test easier

Training & Support

Collaborate smarter & faster with Sobolt Cloud. Support is just a mouse click away

Building great AI together

Adding AI Cloud to your IT

Sobolt provides a layer of scalable AI building blocks to your cloud service. No more surprising bills, bullshit features or countless hours of developers to get started. Control, control, control. We share our lessons learned. Interested in successful Dutch AI Cloud software off the shelf?

Cloud Connection?

Do you work on smart cloud deployment every day? Discover the possibilities.

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