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Featured Apps

Solar Rooftop
Pilot option
Every insight on rooftop solar potential in cities. Crystal clear.
Solar Rooftop
City Maps
NL only
Solar rooftop potential in an interactive map.
Solar Rooftop Detect
Free credits
Solar rooftop potential report of each rooftop in your selected area.
Highway Tree Inspection
NL only
Pilot option
Complete inspection of trees next to highway roads for more safety.
Guardrail LiDAR Inspect
Digitized guardrail inspection makes maintenance more efficient & roads safer.
Home Heatloss Detection
Most impact
Personalized insulation advice for residential houses at a large scale.
Guardrail Measurement
A complete status overview of all guardrails in your selected area.
Roadside Object Detection
NL only
Detection of objects close to roads to determine their degree of danger to road users.
Solar City Potential
An overview of the potential of solar rooftop energy in your city of choice.
Guardrail Planning
Beta test
Determine which guardrails need maintenance & where new guardrails need to be placed.
Solar Carport Potential Map
Analyze solar power potential of carports in an interactive map.
Bike Pathfinder Safety Insights
Most impact
The most sustainable solution to detect the quality & safety of a bikepath.

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Sobolt provides a layer of scalable AI building blocks to your cloud service. No more surprising bills, bullshit features or countless hours of developers to get started. Control, control, control. We share our lessons learned.

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