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Sobolt strives to make sustainability accessible. We contribute to a greener and better future for our planet. Interested?

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By combining AI, physics and earth observation, we explore sustainability solutions. We are always open for discussion with clients and partners.

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Ready to unlock your full potential? We are! Let's find out how we can solve sustainability challenges, together.

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The infrastructure for earth observation is ready for large-scale application.
Join us in exploring the countless possibilities.

Jeroen van Zwieten
Jeroen works actively on translating data and technology into real value. He explores opportunities and likes to speak with partners and clients about a more sustainable future.
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Graham Browning
Urban sustainability developer
Graham is truly committed to helping the world become more sustainable. Together with cities worldwide, she finds ways in which data can help with better decision-making.
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Danny Hetharia
AI scientist
Danny is responsible for Sobolt’s technology and data strategies. He works on translating AI technologies to real world added value.

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Otto Fabius
AI scientist
Otto is the team’s deep learning expert. He is responsible for making sure that Sobolt stays a front runner in the field of AI.

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Vincent Luyendijk
Business developer
Vincent is a master in developing product strategies. AI for liveable cities = Vincent. He shapes solutions to optimally align with customer needs and current market trends.
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Jasper van der Auweraert
Project development
Jasper has a very solid background in science and technology. At Sobolt he focuses on making sustainability happen. Jasper works on several projects together with our clients.
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Eefje Visser
Project development
Eefje has a strong analytical background with a healthy business focus. She works on co-creation and the building of sustainable solutions with our clients.
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Arthur Nieuwland
AI engineer
Arthur is a broadly interested computer scientist with a strong AI focus. He is not only responsible for developing AI models, but also for large scale virtual computing.
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Rafael Caroprese
Solutions team engineer
Rafael is a true engineer and has a heart for sustainability. Together with the team he works on improving our solutions and technologies every day.
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Sangitha Harmsen
Solutions engineer
Sangitha knows everything about technology and is a strong analytical thinker. She relies on these skills to find the perfect technology fit for our clients.
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Uli Fretzen
Business developer
Uli is a business-minded professional with a focus on implementation of Sobolt’s strategies. He is happy to engage with potential clients who want to start leveraging the power of data.
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Christine Montuori
Business developer
Christine is an all-round business developer with an international focus. She is responsible for strengthening Sobolt’s position in the UK and in European projects.
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Tom van Daal
AI scientist
Tom has a doctorate in theoretical physics and is focusing on deep learning at Sobolt. He works on AI models with a strong physics component, which are very relevant in Earth observation.
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Mees Fröberg
AI engineer
Mees is a dedicated deep learning engineer. He works on building generic methods to make our technologies cheaper and more usable for our clients.
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Bryan Weiss
AI engineer
Bryan specializes in deep learning challenges with a strong software component. He has a lot of experience with software engineering from his previous job at Lockheed Martin.
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