About Sobolt

Sobolt is on AI mission

Sobolt is on AI mission


Unknown possibilities

World-class AI solutions for the good. We focus on smart climate adaptation, accelerating the energy transition and making infrastructure more sustainable. We enjoy working with decision-makers at every relevant level.

Sustainable futures

Sobolt strives to make sustainability accessible. We contribute to a greener future for our planet.

Create insights

By combining AI and remote sensing, we explore sustainable solutions.

Stronger together

Ready to unlock your full potential? We are! Let's solve sustainability challenges together.

Sustainable brands powered by Sobolt

Team impact

Jeroen van Zwieten
0 to 1 developer

Jeroen works actively on translating data and technology into real value. He explores improvements every day. Internally known as a pusher who likes to make his hands dirty.

Nadja Muller
Space product owner

Connecting with humans and machines equally well is Nadja’s forté. Project engineer, professional coach and product owner that helps Sobolt maximize user value with amazing AI solutions.

Danny Hetharia
AI scientist

Danny is responsible for Sobolt’s technology and data strategies. He works on translating AI technologies to real world added value.

Arthur Nieuwland
AI engineer

Arthur is a broadly interested computer scientist with a strong AI focus. He is not only responsible for developing AI models, but also for large scale virtual computing.

Emily Baartmans
Impact only

Emily masters commercial and public language. Speaking of languages, her passion for cultures boosts our ambition to take Sobolt’s solutions worldwide.

Erik Jan Postema
Software engineer

Erik Jan has a solid engineering background & makes quality his top priority. As a rugby player he takes scrum to a whole new level.

Maarten Scheurkogel
Business Catalyst

Maarten is responsible for finance & Sobolt’s international ambitions by connecting internal strengths and external needs. As a ski fanatic, keeping the planet cool is important to him.

Irène Apra
Geo-data specialist

With an international background in architecture, Irène specializes in geo-informatics. Together with her buildings’ expertise & sensibility, she applies her geo-spatial knowledge to create new futures.

Jasper van der Auweraert
Project development

Jasper has a strong realisation drive. At Sobolt he focuses on making sustainability happen. Jasper works on several projects together with our clients.

Wouter Vermeiden
Impact creator

Wouter is passionate about reducing the energy footprint of buildings. He brings innovative ideas, people & technology together to make houses more sustainable.

Freek Holland
Software + AI developer

Freek has a background in neurophysics. At Sobolt he uses his own neural activity to build learning models that contribute to a sustainable future.

Wendy Mensink
Space designer

Wendy is a graphic designer for whom the world isn't big enough. That's why she's developed a special interest in space innovations that can be used for sustainable purposes.

Tessa Ridderikhoff
Full stack developer

Tessa contributes to the application delivery process with enthusiasm. With a background in computational science and biology she is determined to co-develop in future impact.

Stan Vanwersch
Project engineer

Stan has a passion for sustainability and is highly motivated to contribute to a better future. He is especially interested in the economic dimensions of societal issues.

Vaibhav Vaidya
Application development

Vaibhav is involved in product and AI applications development at Sobolt. Alongside being an avid football enthusiast, "V' dedicates his skills to embark a positive effect on the world around us.

Ivan Liono
Impact engineer

Lived in 7 countries? Ivan has. He uses his software expertise with his agile mindset to maximize Sobolt’s future impact.

Ligia Monné
Innovation developer

Ligia has a background in artificial intelligence. She develops high-impact sustainable solutions with extra flair. The grass truly is greener on the AI-side.

Otto Fabius
AI scientist

Otto is the team’s deep learning expert. He is responsible for making sure that Sobolt stays a front runner in the field of AI.

Jeroen Vranken
AI innovator

Jeroen employs AI & deep learning to tackle climate change. With a strong drive for sustainability & his passion for surfing he aspires to keep the planet healthy and the oceans clean.

Niek van den Bos
Software developer

Being a 'rocket scientist', Niek wants to speed up the transition to a sustainable future. Talking about speed, have you seen him racing past on his bike already?

Tine de Graaf
Service designer

Tine is a strategic designer with a heart for the end user. She loves to solve problems. For this she uses her expertise in qualitative research and co-creation.

Edoardo Guerriero
Data wizard

Edoardo applies his background in Psychology to critically analyse problems and opportunities of nowadays society. As an AI scientist, he designs cutting edge solutions at Sobolt.

Maruschka Waldus
Growth supporter

Maruschka’s drive is to score in innovative ways: on the soccer field with her tactical thinking & at Sobolt by tackling quality control and product support.

Mees Fröberg
AI engineer

Mees is a dedicated deep learning engineer. He works on building generic methods to make our technologies cheaper and more usable for our clients.