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Sobolt strives to make sustainability accessible. We contribute to a greener and better future for our planet. Interested?

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By combining AI, physics and earth observation, we explore sustainability solutions. We are always open for discussion with clients and partners.

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The infrastructure for earth observation is ready for large-scale application.
Join us in exploring the countless possibilities.

Jeroen van Zwieten
Business Innovation
"We have the opportunity to endorse the energy transition and act on climate change. Sobolt is making data actionable by applying AI and using the domain knowledge of our partners. Improving every day, together, is my main driver."
Graham Browning
Urban Sustainability Developer
"To achieve long-term results, we must visualize and communicate the multi-faceted effects of climate change on environmental and human health. Sobolt does this with incredible accuracy by merging AI and business innovation."
Danny Hetharia
AI Team Lead
"AI and deep learning are already changing the world around us. While this can be scary at times, we strongly believe in leveraging these new technologies to have a positive impact on global sustainability challenges."