About us

We are Sobolt

Sobolt intends to contribute to the renewable energy transition. It’s a real challenge to combine practical insights with sophisticated and process changing development. We try to think outside of the box. Sobolt people always go for the top. On a rainy day some team members may have their doubts about the curious investments. But as we’re founded in the Netherlands, we are used to the weather turning. The elements always take care of new insights. We will go as far as needed for a substantial contribution to a more sustainable future.

We are open to challenge and choose to mainly invest in maximizing agility, efficiency and quality of output. Trying to minimize overhead and collaborate intensively and effectively, while creating a team with diverse expertise and even more diverse potential. We try to find variation in the types of problems we tackle, but continuity in our approach.

Scalability is at the heart of Sobolt’s products. By aiming for larger projects, the products we develop potentially have life-changing impact. Take a look at the topics we are interested in.